Massage Treatments

The following massages are available at the Siam Residence. Book your Thai Massages at our front office and enjoy the indulgence program at our beach or in your villa.

Thai Traditional Massage

This is a dry massage, without oil. You may feel more comfortable wearing loose fitting clothes, but swimwear is also suitable. The massage uses pressing, stretching and compression to bring balance and harmony to your body. The therapist will move you into different positions during the massage as she works on the sides of the body as well as the back and front.

Thai Oil Massage

This massage uses some of the movements used in Thai Traditional Massage. It also uses muscle manipulation in a style more similar to Western Massage. We use only top quality oils for our massages.


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Muscle Relax Massage

This is called Swedish Massage in some countries. The therapist uses a massage bed, and systematically manipulates different muscle groups. This tones and relaxes the muscles, improves circulation, and is particularly good for specific problems such as stiff shoulders. It is a very relaxing massage, and also uses top quality oils.


Reflexology is not just a massage but a holistic body treatment. After some “warm-up” movements, the therapist systematically uses pressure on the zones of the foot, which correspond to the rest of the body. The therapy seeks to rebalance and harmonize the body’s energy, and is very relaxing.

Head and Face Massage

This is a relaxing massage, which uses some stroking movements, but mainly pressure point work. It tones the muscles and can relieve headaches.

Our aim is to ensure that you not only enjoy your holiday, but that you leave us feeling relaxed, refreshed and fit. The Siam Residence, with its tropical gardens and peaceful beach-front setting, is already the perfect place to unwind. Regular massage is the ideal way to release tension from your body.