Koh Madsum & Koh Tan

Koh Mat Sum is a small Island next to the bigger neighbour Island Koh Tan. It is located only a few minutes from the south costs of Koh Samui.Read More »

Secret Garden – hidden in the mountains

Jungle, Mystic, Statues, Ponds, Rivers, Small Waterfalls, are just a few words to describe the Magig Garden as well known as the Buddha’s Garden.Read More »

Thai Food – One of the world’s cuisine!

Discover the fresh ingredients and simple cooking methods that produce such wonderful dishes.Read More »

Five Island in the gulf of Thailand

In the southwest of Samui, opposite Taling Ngam, are situated the “five Islands”. Read More »

Jungle Route 360 – Unique View, Unique Location, Unique Experience

Jungle Route 360 Restaurant is located on the highest point of Koh Samui island (613m) and has a 360 degree panoramic view over Koh Samui.Read More »

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