Thailand welcomes tourists again

Feel the blue-green sea, the sun on your skin, the sand under your feet again?

All of this is possible again! Just book your quarantine hotel and enjoy a holiday before your holiday. Koh Samui looks forward to further relief – and the staff of the Siam Residence Boutique Hotel looks forward to seeing you!

Easing since April 2021

Travelers who have already been vaccinated no longer have to spend 14 days after entering Thailand, but only seven days in a quarantine hotel. And it should be mentioned right away what our report is about. In this case, quarantine is not a punishment, but pure luxury. The holiday before the holiday, so to speak. We’ll tell you why and how to make the most of it.

Quarantine first? Let`s be honest: We imagine it to be very relaxed!

A selection of around 150 quarantine hotels is available in Bangkok. This includes cheap offers as well as 5 * luxury hotels. The booking options range from comfortable rooms to exclusive suites with a terrace. All inclusive.

After usually more than ten hours’ flight from the European capitals, you arrive in Bangkok, you can lick the wounds of your jet lag in the hotel of your choice, you are lazy as a raccoon and just do nothing. Complete tranquility, no sightseeing stress, no obligation to dress up for dinner. Sleep as long as you want without that nagging conscience that you could be missing out on something. Enjoy the anticipation of the sea in the bathtub with wonderful, ethereal, Asian scents. Watch one movie after another that you’ve never gotten to before. Food is served in the room three times a day, and room service fulfills all requests around the clock. Heavenly!

Of course, we particularly recommend a room with a balcony so that you can get some fresh air and tan in the sun. However, almost all hotels offer outdoor areas where you can relax.

Our favorite would be this Garden Terrace Suite 🙂 – we can easily take it for a week or two.

We also find the offer of a 65 m2 one bedroom suite with balcony for 35,900 baht (around 950 euros) for 7 days with full board apparently unbeatable.

With the wide range of hotels in which you can relax and spend the quarantine, i.e. getting in the mood for your holiday after your holidasy, you will definitely find the right accommodation for you.

Nevertheless, a few tips against boredom never hurt, and some things should not be missing in any suitcase. Apart from laptop or iPad and depending on your personal preferences, these would be highly recommended:

  • Yoga mat
  • Playing cards
  • Dice
  • Books
  • Drawing pad and pens
  • Diary (start one!)
  • Knitting
  • Stationery
Letters instead of WhatsApp

Slowing down doesn’t start with social distancing, which is how you often escape the unloved small talk that you can hardly escape, it starts with social media detox. A message from a distance, a status on Facebook or WhatsApp can be shared quickly. Dive in and rest in yourself. Listen to your thoughts and feelings. Be grateful to travel again and listen to your needs.

Plan to write a long, old-fashioned letter to friends, parents, children, relatives or your heir-aunt every day in the quarantine hotel. You will think of something. Perhaps you have wanted to get in touch with someone for a long time, or say thank you in particular, or apologize, or just tell about your day. Do it, there will never be a better time than now. Be sure to send this letter by post. You will see how much pleasure you bring to the recipients.

Home office in the hotel

If you are particularly smart and have the opportunity, you kill two birds with one stone and use the time in the quarantine hotel.

If your job allows, suggest to your boss that you work from home for a week or two and are fully available to the company as usual. In this way, you can give meaning to the quarantine period, do your work, save vacation days at the same time and then enjoy your vacation to the full.

No matter whether 7 or 14 days, no matter whether the days are filled with sweet idleness or home office activities, this time is the beginning of your vacation and – as it always is – will pass quickly and far too quickly. In contrast to the usual end of a vacation, which increases the feeling of wistful farewell with each passing day, it is only now that things really start. Because only an hour’s flight away is the actual destination of your dream vacation on the heavenly palm island of Koh Samui.

The idyll of the Siam Residence Boutique Resort awaits you, your spacious villa, the wonderful pool, the cocktail at sunset, the culinary delights in the best restaurant on the island, the eternally long sandy beach and the sound of the sea.

Treat yourself to what you deserve!

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