Luxury Activities in Koh Samui

Want an extraordinary Koh Samui holiday? Have an amazing time with your loved ones here by joining the island’s luxurious activities. From going yachting at the Gulf of Thailand to enjoying fine dining at some of Koh Samui’s best restaurants, experience an unforgettable luxury Samui vacation at this magical island.

Top 4 Must-Do Luxury Samui Activities

For your comfort, we’ve especially selected 4 luxury Samui activities you should partake during your stay for the ultimate luxury retreats at Koh Samui.


1. Yachting

Experience one of the most luxurious and adrenaline-rushing activities at Koh Samui – Yachting. Luxuriously cruise around Koh Phangan, Ang Thong National Marine Park and other nearby islands and relax amongst the majestic nature view.

You can even lie on the sunbeds located at the sun deck or enjoy a small party with your loved ones at the open deck, lounge areas or saloon. And if you’re feeling the heat, and wish to cool down, there’s a private toilet and shower you can refresh yourself at.

Whether you decide on a day tour or a half day tour in the sea, be sure to feel fully refreshed afterwards. Yachting is highly recommended for those who are seeking a comfortable way of exploring the vicinity during their luxury retreats at Koh Samui.

Contact Boutique Yachting or Samui Luxury Boat for more information.


2. Fine Dining

Splurge on your vacation with exquisite meals prepared by talented and highly experienced chefs at renowned restaurants.

Koh Samui offers a variety of luxury restaurants serving various cuisines, from Thai cuisine and Western cuisine to seafood. You can also choose to dine indoors or by the beach as you enjoy the waves and sunset with your meal.

Want a bit of everything? Dine at The Siam Residence, where you order everything from Thai cuisine to seafood and have them cooked to your taste. You can even reserve a private dining area by the beach for a more intimate dinner.


3. Drive with Style in Koh Samui

Love feeling the wind on your face as you drive on smooth roads by the beach? Go for a luxury Samui drive by renting a luxury car for a day or two. From BMW to Mercedes Benz, get your choice of car and drive with style across the island to enjoy the ultimate luxury retreats at Koh Samui.


4. Luxury Beach Club Parties

Have a great night by visiting some of Koh Samui’s trendiest beach clubs and bars.

Can’t stand Koh Samui’s heat even at night? Party at Bar Ice, a bar entirely made of ice and can reach as low as -7°celsius. You’ll even have to wear arctic-style hats and coats to drink comfortably inside. But if it gets too gold, there’s a garden bar you can go to instead.

Or else, join a pool party at one of the luxury Samui beach clubs, such as Ark Bar and Beach Republic Ocean Club. Enjoy exciting music by world-class DJs and fine-tasting cocktails by the bar or the pool as you chill with style.